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Cate Charleston, writer of historical and romantic novels

Cate Charleston, author of historical and romantic novels

Perhaps you’ve found your way here after reading one of the Cate Charleston titles in which case you’ll know that what I’m aiming to produce are compelling stories about strong female characters with whom you can – I hope – identify, set in a 19th or early 20th century context. For people can wear costume from any period, speak in the lyrical language of Elizabethan England or the slang of the Victorian streets but the emotions that they feel, the challenges and inner battles they face, are timeless. Women, especially, have always sought validation for their own struggles in stories which can often illuminate their reactions and make sense of things. And have I known some of the situations that the characters find themselves in, understood things, like them, through often difficult experience? Certainly I have, but so have many, many other women. I’d like to think too that some of the background to each novel will add extra interest to your reading: you’ll find information about the writing of Highcragg House, Pommeroy, Fortune’s Hazard and Romilly on the following pages. Just click on the menu above.

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